The wiggly wall

This is the tale of our movable exterior wall. It’s the south wall of the living room (behind Ken on the scaffold in this post). It has four brand new, expensive windows in it. When we were doing some touch-up painting, we found that it could be bowed out about three inches with minimal force.

After removing the deck and the siding, we found everything under the windows basically rotted out. Yes, we do live in a desert. It appears that the boards around the windows had been poorly sealed, so water would just pour down through them when it rained (and when it rains, it pours) and puddle in the horizontal boards at the bottom. So we’re looking at 38 years of accumulated water damage.

So we pulled out everything rotted. We had to cut off the underlayment for the floor about a foot back from the edge. Yay for getting to buy a new circular saw! All we need now is a bandsaw and I think we’ll have every variety of saw ever made. This picture is after we pulled everything out, and you can see above the floor boards into the house! No wonder it was drafty over there last winter…

Remarkably, our brand new windows didn’t fall out and break during this process. Here’s the structural boards replaced and soaked with some nasty green chemicals.

Caulking around the windows. We will have no more water coming in.

The exterior board for attaching the siding and the deck is attached! Also, everything is expanding-foamed to the max. No more drafts either. Sometimes I think everything we’ve fixed on this house is held together with caulk and expanding foam.

Siding back on, window frames filled with wood filler, caulked, primed, and re-painted.

When we removed the deck we found that the supporting structure was not so good in some places. So since it’s off, let’s re-build it!

Last week I finished screwing on all the old deck boards. All that remains is for Ken to build us a new bench along the length! He worked on it for a couple of hours yesterday without much visible progress. We discovered this problem and tore into it in mid-October, so it’s only taken us 2.5 months to get it fixed. Not bad.


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