Items of interest

We ordered a freezer! It gets delivered next Friday. Now I get to buy meat when it’s on sale! And a BIG box of green chiles when they’re in season! And I can make freezer jam! And we can buy the big container of ice cream! It’s going to be great.

The monsoon season started a week ago. The leaking roof of the closet that Ken seemed uninterested in fixing back when it wasn’t raining every afternoon suddenly seems more urgent . The good news is that the high temperatures have gone from the high 90s – 100s to the mid 80s. Glorious! Also, rain is making all the plants MUCH happier.

Someone ate all my zucchinis. I determined on Monday I would pick them the next day, and I came back Tuesday to find that somebody ate all of them, all of the blooms, a good number of the leaves, and some of the bean plants as well. It could be rabbits, deer, or squirrels. I think we may need to install some electric fence around the garden. We bought some with the intention of putting it around the dog enclosure, but Klaus has been staying put, so we haven’t put it up. Methinks it might be better used to keep the deer away from my precious vegetables.

We are on track to have the ceiling completely stripped by next Saturday. Very exciting. Especially exciting is the part where we can clean up this confounded dust everywhere and live in a somewhat less filthy environment. New windows get installed the next week.


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