Tablecloth, triathlon, new windows, dog haircut

I finally got around to getting a proper tablecloth. Yay for sale fabric and plastic at JoAnn. The flowers are from our neighbors for watching their house while they were gone.

Less than a month until the triathlon! That means one more week of building mileage, then two weeks of taper. Is that the way it should be done? No idea. It just seemed about right. In April I swam 14400m (8.95 mi!), rode (on the road, either on my mountain bike or road bike) 184 miles, mountain biked (on trails) 13 miles, and ran 50.3 miles. To put it in perspective, that’s 78% of planned swimming, 79% of planned road riding, 85% of planned running and 45% of planned mountain biking… Oops. I overestimated how much ground I would be able to cover with Ken on our one evening a week on the trails. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in a few more rides on trails in May, but if not I’ll just have to hope the road miles are good enough to get me through the 16.5 mile bike course.

I think we’re going to get most of our windows replaced. It’s going to be expensive, and I imagine it’ll take us 30 years to make up the cost in energy savings, but more importantly, we’ll be much more comfortable. I guess if we actually kept the house at a comfortable temperature instead of 55 or 80, depending on the season, we would recoup the cost quicker. (Because we would have been spending more money originally.) Anyway, I’m looking forward to being able to open windows in the evening to cool things off. I think we’re also going to get a high “E” glass for the west windows, which should help keep the house considerably cooler since the house doesn’t really heat up until late afternoon when the sun hits all those windows.

Speaking of heat, we (Ken mostly) gave Klaus the worst hair cut any dog has ever received. The dog pen is shaded for the hot part of the day, but this is a dog whose favorite thing is to lay in the snow. He looks a bit comical (and much smaller) but he seems a lot more comfortable.

1 Response to “Tablecloth, triathlon, new windows, dog haircut”

  1. 1 sligowarriorqueen May 13, 2012 at 9:42 am

    Nice tablecloth! I’m tri training too, but no idea of build up mileage and taper off – it would help if I enered a race a suppose….Anyway, best of luck from a novice triathlete in Ireland who also grows peas and beans and likes to eat outside!

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