Have I mentioned I hate thinking of blog post titles?

  • We are experiencing the invasion of the moths.  My parents live on the banks of a river, so occasionally some variety of bug will hatch and they’ll wake up in the morning to a thousand dead bugs near the windows.  We’re talking a similar quantity of insects.  Clouds of them, in fact, except that at my parent’s house they’re tiny little gnats.  Here they’re 1″+ moths.  I made the mistake of watering the garden and new transplants yesterday and when we took the dogs out before bed the wet ground was literally carpeted with them.  Gross.  Our neighbor said he hasn’t seen the moths this thick for 10 years.
  • Klaus took off again last night.  We were both working outside and the dogs were with us.  Usually they stay close, but he was just gone.  Ken walked down to the road to look for him, then our neighbor went out looking for him in his truck.  (Because we have an awesome neighbor, that’s why!)  While our neighbor was still out looking, Klaus came trotting up the driveway.  Sigh.
  • Carrots and spinach are peeking up in the garden, and so far I’ve only killed one of the perennials I bought two weekends ago.  Success!
  • Ken’s aunt sent us 5 (!!!) boxes of cookbooks that had been his grandpa’s.  We can now eat a different recipe every night for the rest of our lives.
  • On Sunday I started crocheting a cardigan on a whim.  I’m not sure it’s going  to fit quite right, but since it’s probably 1/4 done already and I only worked on it Sunday evening, I won’t be too sad to pull it all out and re-try it with a few pattern modifications.
  • Ken went to bed super early, which is not something he does.  Hopefully he’s not sick, and hopefully he doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night raring to go.
  • I was just thinking about the word predilection.  As in, “I am being ornery and showing my predilection for hymns”.  Good word.  Underutilized.

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