And I thought the apricot tree had frozen!

Sorry for the weirdly focused and lit picture. I wasn’t wearing any vision correction equipment and it was hard to tell what was in focus.

Regardless of my lack of photographic skills, we have a tree-load of apricots coming our way if we can keep the deer away. The past couple of weeks there have been some mule deer hanging around. I don’t know if I’ve just forgotten how big mule deer are, or if they grow them REAL big in New Mexico. These guys are huge. Maybe they came from Texas? Everything is bigger there, you know. I guess they don’t hear me coming on my bike, so I’ve been seeing them quite often.

I guess I better go arouse Ken from slumber and get with the program. Today marks day 4 of working on concrete bagging. We have less than half a pallet to go through today though. I’m hopeful that it will be enough to finish the steps. We also got manure to fill up the garden and I think the peas and spinach should have been planted a few weeks ago, so I’ll hopefully get to that. Then… irrigation planning time! The weather forecast says it may rain or snow tonight and tomorrow, which would be great because I wouldn’t have to water.


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