Triathlons and suchlike

I have a backwards triathlon in a couple of weeks (April 21) that I’m doing thanks to my pastor who’s doing it too. I think it’s his first! It’s a nice short one, so it should be lots of fun and great training for the scariest triathlon I’ve ever done, which is June 2. It’s an Xterra, which means we mountain bike and run on trails. Sounds fun! Too bad I am not such a good mountain biker. The bike portion is 16.5 miles. I have never mountain biked more than 11 miles in a day. Certainly never more than a few miles without stopping. I am currently freaking out about the biking portion.

Also, “water temperatures are expected to be anywhere from the mid 50’s to the low 70’s”. Brrrr. Wetsuits may be required. So… just bought myself a wetsuit tonight. (Yay REI coupon!) Hopefully it fits. Apparently triathletes don’t come in my size – I am larger than the XL. This is the problem I always have with triathlon gear. This is probably also why I don’t tend to win triathlons.

Anyway, for anyone who may be interested (nobody), here’s my training for the year so far.

Swam 12500 m
Biked 96.18 mi. (On a trainer though, it hardly counts.)
Ran 24.7 mi.

Swam 12450 m
Biked 63 mi. (Mostly trainer, some road.)
Mountain biked 15 mi. (Hey, almost as much as the race in a whole month!!!)
Ran 19.2 mi.
February may not have been the best month for me.

Swam 11500 m
Biked 45 mi. (mostly road)
Mountain biked 32.5 mi. (thanks Sara!)
Ran 27.6 mi.

April goals:
Swim 18600 m
Ride 194 mi. (on road, to and from work on my mountain bike 3x a week.)
Mountain bike 29 mi. (on trails)
Run 59 mi.

I’m hoping that all the miles on my mountain bike to and from work will suffice. I do have ~650 feet of climbing total round trip, so it’s not like it’s a super easy ride. I just don’t have time to get out to trails to ride. I’m hoping to do one Saturday ride in May where I do more than 16 miles and hopefully that will be good enough. Other than that, Ken and I are planning to meet at the trails after work once a week, bring a picnic, and do some riding.


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