I may have mentioned that Klaus is a bit of an escape artist. Ken decreed that to solve the problem we would build the more permanent fence that he had been planning. So far the building of said fence has consumed three and a half days and it’s not entirely done. However, it does look nice, and hopefully it will contain the Klaus dog.

Day 1, I spent my Friday off sealing 60 2x3s.

All done.

Day 2, we got gravel for the fence posts, dug a great number of holes and trenches, and put up a few fenceposts.

The end of day 2

Day 3, we put up the last 8 fenceposts, and strung half of the wire. No picture, because we were starving and had pre-ordered Papa John’s.

Day 4, we put up the rest of the 6 foot wire fence and filled in the trenches. No picture, because it started to rain.

All that’s left is to build some gates, dig-proof the under-gate areas, and wire together the two layers of fence. The fence is dug down 6+ inches all the way around, so hopefully that’s enough to deter Klaus. When we (Ken) get the gates built I’ll take a picture of the final project.

If Klaus continues to dig, we will put some of the old wire fence on the ground around the perimeter, so he will have to dig a 4 foot tunnel to even get to the edge of the fence. If that doesn’t work I think it’s back to the cable.

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