Occasionally while I eat my lunch if I’m not running or biking I write out blog posts by hand. There’s a crumpled and water-stained engineering pad left behind by the previous occupant of my office that I use. Writing on that pale green paper with the faint square pattern instills a bizarre sense of peace and enjoyment. Weird, but I guess I enjoyed the thousands of hours I spent doing homework on it? It brings back memories of 10 pages of Mechanics of Materials problems and teaching my friends how to do the Fracture Mechanics homework in a Pullman coffee shop. I was actually good at those things, and I think some of that confidence seeps through when I write on engineering paper.

In less philosophical and more troubling news, Klaus escaped from his stake, cable, collar, and then from the fenced-in yard last week. I guess we know how my manager found him without a collar. The good news is that when I came home from work he came bounding up to the car to meet me, so at least he didn’t go wandering two and a half miles like he did when left in my manager’s yard. So, what do we do?

1. Tighten his collar, shorten his cable, and try again?
2. Leave him in the yard, no cable – when he gets out and wanders away at least he’ll still have a collar.
3. Electric fence.
4. Wood and wire fence – 5-6 feet tall, wire buried underground to prevent digging.
5. Leave him inside.

My inclination is number 2. Ken thinks only #4 will suffice. We’ve been leaving him inside, but that’s no fun for anybody.


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