Christmas vacation 2011

As you may have noticed, we’re back! Let’s do the vacation summary in a different format than usual.

Best meal eaten: My birthday dinner with both of my families, spaghetti, and a delicious home-made ice cream cake.
Worst gift given: Broken dominoes. Sorry Ronnie, maybe I’ll get them replaced this weekend. Don’t count on it…
Best gift received: Having Christmas and my birthday at the same time makes for lots of awesome gifts in a short amount of time, but I think it’s between the cool butter dish Bekah got me and the shirt my sister-in-law, Marie, got me.
Best day of skiing: Silver Mountain with Bekah, Sara, and Ken. Was supposed to be with Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Justin too, but the others were unfortunately indisposed in various ways.
Worst day of skiing: Red River, NM. They need more snow. And although I used my 10 ticket voucher so I didn’t pay their rate for my ticket, $64 is WAY too much for what they had to offer. For $64 I expect at least one high speed lift.
Best lodging: The Gold Pan Motel in Eagle Nest, NM was perfect. It was about $100 cheaper than anything else I could find, it was adorable, cozy, and just great. Go there.
Longest day: Work at 7AM, flight at 7PM, arrive at 12:35 PM body time, rent car, drive to Kellogg, ID, arrive around 2:30AM body time. Then go skiing the next day. I was sleepy.
Vehicles acquired: Ken’s parents gave us their 12 passenger van, since it’s down here anyway. Anyone interested? We need to sell it so we can get a more 4WD truck-like vehicle.
Most anticipated future event: Kristina is coming to visit in the summer. Now it’s public, so you MUST come.
Best (and only) movie viewed: Sherlock Holmes. Highly enjoyable.
Newest apartment visited: Bethany and Ronnie’s. They have a pantry. I must admit to covetousness.
Most amusing lunch: With my friend from college and her husband. We talked for 2 hours.
1st golfing experience: At the country club after lunch. I was forced to putt for 5 minutes for my lunch. I don’t think that golf is my sport of choice.
Only former foreign exchange student met: Nils, from when I was in high school. Still tall, still funny.
Biggest hole in bottom of ski: My poor ski met with a BIG rock at Red river. We will be needing some P-Tex. A lot of P-Tex. We had just waxed them too.
Amount of extra-box cat poop awaiting us: 5 piles.

But it’s good to be home.


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