Christmas letter?

I have been debating what to do about Christmas greetings. In the past I’ve sent cards to distant friends. My parent’s generation sends out hard or soft copy letters, detailing the noteworthy events of the year, often with a picture or two and either an expression of joy at Christ’s birth or a snowman, depending on their religious orientation. Or a picture of an old man standing on a stump and a cryptic bunch of prose that tells you absolutely nothing except that one can infer by the missive’s arrival that the author is still alive and took a good look at a dragonfly at some point in the past 12 months. My mom had weird friends in graduate school.

But I digress. My friends are mostly on Facebook, which means they may (according to Facebook’s mysterious whims) see my pictures and these posts. So what does it profit for me to spend my precious time summarizing my year in a witty fashion and finding all the addresses of everyone I know (the most angst-filled part of any Christmas at my parent’s house)?

On the other hand, I love to get snail mail and I enjoy reading the letters that my parents get. I even enjoy reading the letters of those people that I already know well enough that I know every detail of their life. It’s fun to see it summarized from their perspective.

But isn’t this blog like a perpetual summary of my life?

Oh the dilemmas I face.


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