Sometimes I can’t do anything right

Lest you think I have it all together:

On Saturday I changed my oil, except when I started the car several quarts of oil spurted out from the filter. Ken tightened it more for me. Oops.

On Monday when I drove the car I noticed it was still leaking. I couldn’t then get the filter off even with the wrench, so Ken had to do it. He discovered the seal from the old filter still on the car, thus the leakage issues. Oops.

While he was under my car because I was too weak to get the dang filter off he handed me his brand new glasses for safekeeping. I had to put them down for a moment to give him a hand, and somebody stepped on them while they were down, bending them and scratching the lenses. I don’t think it was me, because I don’t remember stepping on them and I was on the other side of the car, but the other possible culprit is Heidi and she’s not that clumsy. Oops.

That same night I was making lunches for us and cut my finger in addition to the bagel. Oops.

This isn’t my mistake, but Monday evening was supposed to be spent stripping beams, but we had no water except what was in our pipes because they were putting in a new filter at the well and didn’t bring sturdy enough pipe and blew things up, so we couldn’t shower. So no stripping beams if you can’t shower. Hence the beams we wanted to have totally stripped in our upstairs bedroom so we could sleep up there from now on aren’t done yet and we really need to start cleaning this place tomorrow night.

The past two days I spent 13.5 hours working on a particular image analysis program, saving my results to the server computer as usual. I always back up my files at the end of the day to my computer, but yesterday I was in a hurry to leave and I forgot. This morning I checked to see if I had backed them up. I hadn’t, so I went to get them off of the server and they were gone. Of all the days for them to wipe the server… So… spent today repeating my work from the past two. Oops.

Whew. Good thing I am taking all of next week off of work. Also good thing we are planning to start cleaning up the thick coating of sawdust (it’s nearly a quarter inch in some places) tomorrow. I don’t know how much more I could take.


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