11-11-11 etc

Hey! It’s 11-11-11! Amazing. I’m sad because next year is the last n-n-n date that I’m going to see.

Also, it’s Veteran’s Day. Thank you everyone who has served and is serving our country. You are much more self-sacrificing than me and I appreciate it. I thought about going into the military briefly, but decided I wanted to be in charge of my own life.

Yesterday I finally got someone to buy the huge and hideous rug that’s been rolled up in our living room that came with the house. Hooray! There’s so much more space now. I’ve actually done pretty well selling stuff on Craigslist. My old trombone, Ken’s BMX bike, and the window A/C are the only large items that haven’t sold yet out of about 15 things I originally posted. It really takes more time than it’s worth in terms of the money I get out of selling the stuff, but it’s worth it for me to: A. Get the stuff out of my house and B. Get it to somebody who can use it at a great price.

I think I am going to design and build us a built-in computer desk. It’s going to go along the edge of the loft and have two spots for computers and have the printer between. So tell me, what features would you want in your ideal desk? So far my main design feature has been a couple of giant drawers on Ken’s side that I can shovel his stuff into when it’s everywhere. No more re-loading equipment in the living room, JB weld on the kitchen table, and calipers and safety glasses everywhere. Seriously. How many calipers and safety glasses does one person need? I personally have one of each, but I swear that every box I unpack and every pile that I put away contains a pair of calipers and two pairs of safety glasses. Maybe a few of them need to go on Craigslist. Does anyone else have this problem? I think it may be unique to me.

Oh well, at least we’ll have safe eyes and be able to accurately measure things to a precision of plus or minus 0.001″ at all times.


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