And it’s Saturday again and I have time to write something

I would like to begin by pointing out that my last four posts have contained pictures. Some of them even more than one! That, dear reader, shows my dedication to you. Do you have any idea how much more difficult it is to put pictures in? Slightly. That’s how much more difficult.

Anyway, aside from that, things have been happening.

I guess I never mentioned that Ken started his new job. He did. He comes home all enthused about all the changes he’s going to make and how much more efficient his plant will be, so sounds like he’s happy. With him working, progress on the house has slowed to a crawl. However, I am declaring the interior painting officially finished with one caveat. There is one window whose frame is not yet completely painted because it’s higher than I can reach from the 8 foot ladder. Nobody will notice. If you visit and point it out you will be forced to attempt to sleep with cats jumping on you.

We also installed new locks on a few doors so now it only takes 4 keys to open all the doors in the house instead of 7. Now that’s progress!

The dog has only dug out of her fenced in area once, pooped and peed upstairs once, and gotten bitten by the neighbor dog once. All that’s left is to get skunked, right? I was pretty sure that she was going to die of infection from her bite wound, but Ken thought she wasn’t. Because I am super stingy, I let him persuade me she would be fine. Better that she dies than I pay for stitches! Just kidding, but only a little. We cleaned it out and it wasn’t bothering her too much. It’s been almost a week now, and she appears to be healing fine.

Last week was Ken’s birthday and I attempted to bake my usual cake for him. And failed. I have not mastered baking at 6000+ ft yet. The cake tastes good, but it sure is ugly. Happily, cookies seem to turn out ok. Also for his birthday I told him he could have a welder, so he found the one he wanted used, and it should be delivered on Monday. And there was much excitement. Need anything welded?

I rode my bike to and from work every day this week. Except one when it was stormy and I met Ken at the grocery store before the climb up really starts. It was still an 11 miles day though.

Today we are riding to Ken’s work (just under 13 miles) so Ken can see if the route is something he’s interested in doing on a semi-regular basis. Then we are pulling up some weed trees, attempting to move some baby trees that aren’t weeds, and generally doing horticulture-ish things. Guess I should go put on some sunscreen.


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