Meet Heidi, our newest family member.


She was Ken’s parents’ dog, but she has been promised to him for several years. When they picked her up at the animal shelter she looked somewhat beagle-ish. As you can see, she didn’t end up very beagle sized. She’s very loving and dog-like and apparently a dog-like dog isn’t quite what my in-laws want.

So, Ken flew home last Wednesday, put his Porsche on a Uhaul trailer, his parents’ canoe on top of that (another activity they have replaced with golfing and going on cruises), filled their huge van with stuff ranging from sheet metal to the dog, and drove down here with his step dad.


They arrived last Saturday and Elis flew back home Sunday, leaving us with the van for furniture acquisition purposes (including my Grandma’s piano from Colorado!!!) over the winter. We even managed to find a place to park the van (which I am hereby christening Moby-Dick) so that all functioning cars (which now includes the Beemer – Yay!) can be driven with first needing to move Moby-Dick out of the way.


Anyway, Heidi’s been a reasonably good dog in the past week. She only dug out of her enclosure once and used the carpet as a bathroom once (last night), but that was our fault because we forgot to take her on a walk before bed. Oops. But other than that we’re really enjoying having a dog.

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