Another first!

This first isn’t for me though, it’s for my cat, Cosmo.

He caught a mouse! I am so proud!

I’m also discouraged because this means we have mice.

But my lazy, stupid cat caught a mouse! Amazing. Despite his little episode a year ago where he went on a hunger strike and almost died because he was too dumb to eat, he is rapidly becoming the good cat in the household. The other one is still pooping on the floor upstairs. Of course, Cosmo is the one who likes to take laps around our bed at night while I’m attempting to sleep, and since he weighs as much as a small elephant and enjoys stepping on my head, this does not add to his collection of brownie points.

Anyway, I went to the upstairs closet to hang up some clothes, and a mouse came limping out. Cosmo was there ready to pounce and finished it off rapidly. I assume he had chased it in there earlier and hadn’t been able to get in. I had the hardest time getting it away from him. I didn’t want him to think he was in trouble, not that I think he would give up the pure joy he was obviously experiencing if he finds another mouse just because I had hollered at him previously, so I didn’t want to manhandle him. Finally, his deep and enduring love of food lured him away from the mouse for just long enough for me to snatch it. Now he’s all confused and keeps going back to the closet.

Maybe he’s hoping more will come out.


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