A first!

Today I accomplished something new. Advanced myself. Enhanced my experiences.

I fell over while clipped in. For you non-cyclists, my shoes were attached to the pedals and I couldn’t detatch them in time and toppled majestically to the ground. I’ve been terrified of it happening since I first got my clipless pedals about a year ago, and it’s sort of remarkable I’ve avoided it until now given my excessive clumsiness.

The problem is the road/driveway up to our house. There is an approximately 600 ft elevation gain over the 7 mile route from work to my house. 100-150 feet of that (according to Ken’s guess) is in the last quarter of a mile on a dirt road up to the house. The last 20 feet of our actual driveway are the steepest and by that time my legs are cooked from the previous 590 feet of climbing (Ahem. Because I am out of shape). Add to that the fact that it’s surfaced with very large gravel and that I can’t do it sitting down, and the fact emerges that my rear tire wants to to spin. I anticipated this problem in the past and clipped out one foot just in case, but today I was determined to make it up (I haven’t yet). It is extremely irritating to not be able to make the last 15 feet of a 7 mile journey. Well, I didn’t make it today. Thankfully my only significant injury is a rather severely bruised palm on my left hand.

Sadly, in order to get to work I have to go down 600 ft, which requires rather significant use of my left hand for braking in the case that I want to survive be in control, so I don’t think I’ll be riding for a few days.


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