I’m back!

Quick summary of the past two or three weeks, who can keep track?

Photobucket We have hummingbirds! Ken took this picture.

Move into house
Unpack U-box
Paint more
Paint some more
Stuff from Cleveland delivered, painting comes to screeching halt.
Unpack boxes
Set up kitchen – Yay!
Rent a pickup, get Craigslist washer and dryer, visit garage sales and thrift stores, find tools, a coffee table, and a dresser
Spends LOTS of money at Hoem Depot and Lowes
Use up wedding gift cards – thanks everyone!
Sand dresser, very thankful for belt sander
Ken gets a job offer!
Comcast scheduled to install internet, doesn’t show, doesn’t email, doesn’t call, when we call instructs us to go online to get help.
Ride bike to work for first time, leave work to find a flat tire – Tackweed abounds!
Unpack more boxes
Report Comcast to BBB.
BMW fails emissions test with 5x legal emissions at idle.
Ken fixes idle problem, but car now refuses to rev up.
Comcast promptly installs internet.
Friends from growing up visit, prove house is not 10 mo old friendly.
Comcast internet does not work.
Drive to Taos to spend the day with cousins from NC and great aunt and uncle.
Three days after installation, internet still not reliable.
Spend all day Labor day troubleshooting BMW.
Consider replacing every single electronic component and sensor in car or hiring exorcist.
Consider what vehicle to purchase to replace BMW.
Kitchen clean for first time since move-in.
Ken accepts job offer!
Comcast sends a technician out to fix internet and it FINALLY works properly.
Honda passes emissions.
Attempt to get NM driver’s licenses. Because Ken is 24, must take a class on alcohol before getting license. Class can only be taken through snail mail, takes two weeks and costs $25. Ken turns 25 soon, WA license expires on his 25th birthday. Ok, come in on your birthday. Birthday is on Saturday. Only option is to go to private DMV, will cost $26 extra. Ken VERY unimpressed.
Spend day painting from new ladder to finish areas we couldn’t reach. Painting ALMOST done.
Attempt to cook beans. Combination of altitude and super hard water makes for very crunchy beans for a very long time.

Photobucket This is what the dining room looked like before our guests inspired us to clear it out a bit.

And if you got through all that, that brings us to today. The plan is to finish the painting once and for all today. We shall see.

Now it’s time to go awaken Ken and see if I can interest him in some breakfast.

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