Remember how last Monday I said we were going to close “tomorrow”? Yeah, that didn’t happen. Perhaps I’ll share the whole sordid story at some point in the future, but thanks to one jerk person at the bank that is buying our loan, we haven’t closed yet. Let’s just say that his behavior benefits nobody, and that nobody involved in this transaction (us, sellers, real estate agents, mortgage company) is happy about it. The word now is that we will know by Wednesday evening what is going to happen and the goal is to close before the end of next week.

Anyhow, this means that we ran out of nights for which we can get our lodging reimbursed, so we have moved out of our swanky digs and into a more humble La Quinta. If it weren’t for the darn cats we would be camping this weekend. Grumble. Those adorable wretches better be grateful. We’re probably going to move into a guest house which we can rent by the week (which will have a kitchen, yay!) on Monday.

We have occupied ourselves in the meantime by going to a huge flea market, attempting to go to the county fair and failing, going to Target, visiting the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, taking walks, watching it pour rain this afternoon, and trying out the new hair clippers on Ken. I hope his hair grows really fast, because I can’t wait to do it again! It was getting massive enough that it was starting to develop it’s own gravity and he has an interview on Monday, so it was time to tackle the job.

In summary, it is highly unfortunate that we haven’t bought our new house (especially since I had Friday off and it would have been a perfect opportunity to get all moved in), but Ken has an interview for a job he thinks looks really great, so life could be worse. If we aren’t moved in by next Saturday we will be truly bummed.


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