Buying a house is kind of a pain in the butt

The great first house purchase is proceeding as well as house purchases ever do.  Inspections are all done.  Appraisal is done.  The sellers have our imperious demands that they fix the broken fridge and dishwasher and other sundry items.  The title company sent us some stuff to sign.  Ken got us a house insurance agent.  We almost have the lender convinced that I actually have a job.  Etc. There is a never-ending list of details.  Closing is set for Monday, and I have no clue if that’s realistic or not.  Nobody’s told me it’s not…

After closing the hard work starts.  We get to clean the whole place, rip out some lovely green carpet, paint some walls, and move our stuff in.  Then Ken can get to work on stripping paint from beams, painting walls replacing steps, and finally refinishing wood floors while we live  out of boxes.  Anybody want to come help?

It rained today.  I love living somewhere where this is remarkable.

Now it’s time to go return some moldy sour cream to Walmart.  We bought it yesterday, it’s sold-by date is 7 days from now and it was moldy when we opened it last night.  I guess we shouldn’t buy fresh groceries at Walmart.


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