In which I lack patience

I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever to be able to write a post that’s all, “Hey guys, I accepted a job in Albuquerque and we’re moving tomorrow!”

However. The theme of the month of June has been patience and I still haven’t heard from the relocation company, despite calling people to try to figure out what’s going on. I have, at least, signed the paperwork to accept a postdoc position (two weeks ago) and we will be moving… someday. We are excited!

In the meantime I’ve been unemployed. I went to interviews and finished up some stuff at school for the first two weeks of June, and the past two weeks I’ve been dinking about the house waiting for the phone to ring. I’ve packed a few things, fixed a couple of bikes, helped a friend with some stuff, had people over for dinner, fixed my bread maker, told a million people that “No, I still don’t know when we’re moving”, resisted buying groceries because “we’re gonna move”, and tried to avoid the feeling that we are actually never ever going to move and will certainly be stuck here in Cleveland in the humidity forever amen.

So life’s exciting and we won’t be living in a cardboard box as Ken had feared, but we are both beyond antsy to actually move forward after two weeks of waiting.


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