This post is about the weather

We got our one day of nice weather as requested! Yesterday was glorious, and I even managed to enjoy beyond my usual 2 mile ride to and from school. I put on shorts (!) and biking shoes (I’m getting to be SUCH a cyclist) and rode up to the the far away (ok, so it’s like 2 miles) grocery store to buy all the essentials (mushrooms, cool whip, a loaf of bread, and ice cream). Traffic was kind and nobody ran me over or even came close to doing so and it was a very enjoyable trip.

Unfortunately, as soon as I got home I discovered that instead of having a gallon and quarter of milk as I had thought, we only had a quarter. Guess I get to go to another grocery store tonight.

I’m cooking materials lunch this week (for the last time. Sniff…), so I got a head start last night by stewing some chicken and making strawberry fluff. Yum. Strawberry fluff is one of my favorites. Once we move I can make it in my brand new mixer and I won’t have to either stand around holding the hand mixer for 20 minutes or precariously balance it on things while it mixes without me. Guess which one I did? I have contemplated building an apparatus to make my garage sale hand mixer into a stand mixer, but so far refrained from doing so. I’m pretty sure we have enough junked bike parts I could do it without too much difficulty.

I also got close enough to conquering our finances (everything’s balanced all the way up to March and have installed the program I’m going to use) that I decided I could celebrate by allowing myself to do some reading. So I finished the His Dark Materials trilogy (again). I forgot how sad the ending is. Surely they could have at least used one of the loadstone resonators to communicate? Lame.

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