A tale of two Craigslist purchases

Last night I made 2 Craigslist purchases of basically the same item. Here’s how purchase no.1 went down:

Lisa: sees ad, sends polite email asking if item is still available, mentions ability to pick up either that night or on Saturday.
Seller: responds very promptly to email, saying yes, would 5:30 tonight work to pick it up?
Lisa: Says 5:30 might be tight since seller’s town is a 30 minute drive, suggests 7:00.
Seller: Responds, suggests McDonalds for meeting, sends address for meeting place and his phone number.
At 7:02 I pull into the parking lot, don’t see him, call at 7:05, he comes out of the restaurant, shakes hands, very friendly exchange, perfect condition item, just as described.

Purchase no.2
Lisa: Sees ad for item, no price or size listed, no location listed, emails seller asking if item is still available, what size it is, and where they are located.
The following responses are the exact emails.
Seller: It’s for a small dog or cat
Lisa: Will you take $10? Where can I meet you?
Seller: Yes that’s fine where would you be coming from?
Lisa: Cleveland Heights.
Seller: Ok let me know when you would like to pick it up.
Lisa: AAARRRGGG. Several more emails follow, seller finally agrees to meet me at the same McDonalds at the same time as seller no. 1.
At 7:00 exactly, I get a phone call from seller 1: I’m in the parking lot, I don’t see you. Me: sorry, I’m running a few minutes late, Google underestimated the drive time. I will be there in 2 minutes.
Seller: Well, will you be here soon? I have other things I need to do.
Me: yes.
Seller: How soon? I have things to do.
Me: I am currently 3/4 of a mile from the exit.
Seller: Oh, I guess that’s ok.
Then the seller was rude and the item was not in very good condition and it wasn’t the brand which it was advertised to be. I bought it anyway, because it’s better than what I have, and for $10 I’m pretty sure I can sell it again.

Don’t be a seller no 2.


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