Ok, fine. I’m posting pictures.

What better way to kill three hours in the Seattle Airport with it’s wonderful free (and incredibly fast) wifi than to upload some pictures people have been bothering me to upload? So here’s the honeymoon in condensed form. You might imagine that having a new and awesome camera leads to LOTS of pictures. And it did. Most of them were from Ken, who insists on taking three every time he wants to take one. He loves the shutter sound. I can’t complain too much, because I do too, and I get to hear it three times when he’s got the camera. So what if I have to delete triplicates of blurry pictures later?

Anyway, the honeymoon started out with The Flu, which I mentioned before. Here I kill time while hanging in the hotel room as Ken burns with a 103 fever by experimenting with depth of field on a thermometer. Very artistic, right?

San-Diego sunrise as seen from the bus stop. We saw it every day we were at the conference. It was beautiful, but a little more sleep would not have been unwelcome.

Our lunch spot outside of the conference center. Could have been worse!

They have flowers in San Diego! Tons of them. They were everywhere. It was a bit of a shock to us coming from Cleveland. We had at least another month until flowers at that point. Maybe two, if winter keeps up as it has been. Photobucket

He DOES smile in pictures! Actually, the most useful feature of this new camera may just be it’s ability to take multiple shots in a second, allowing me to actually capture his adorable smile. This one does look a little bit forced though.

So there’s a picture missing here. I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of us and Ken’s grandparents, who thoughtfully took us out to dinner at a very cool restaurant and gave us wedding presents. We had a lovely time with them, and I feel stupid for not thinking of a picture.

After the conference we went to the zoo for free thanks to Ken’s parent’s membership. Ken made friends with this huge and handsome bird.

Next stop, the beach! We did go swimming, all the way under, and it wasn’t actually THAT cold. I’ve swum in colder, certainly.

Next stop, the Anza-Borrego Desert. This photo isn’t perhaps as striking as it ought to be because I haven’t posted any which show you what most of the desert looks like. We hiked 3 miles up to this palm oasis, and it was incredible the difference from the rest. Once you got in amongst those palms it was like you were in the tropics. We were dying from the heat outside of the palm trees and stream. It must have been well over 80 and we were NOT used to it.

Cactus flowers. There’ll be more desert flower pictures on Facebook eventually. Anza-Borrego is so beautiful.

We hiked The Slot. It got pretty narrow in some places!

I think this wins the prize for the biggest cactus we saw. Again, there’ll be more cactus pictures on Facebook eventually. There were some very interesting ones.

And then we went back to Cleveland and the next day, or maybe two days later (it’s all obscured in a haze of LaTex and deep thoughts about viscosity in shear bands) it dumped 8 inches of snow on Cleveland overnight and kept snowing. I was hoping to end up this post with a picture of the snow, but I don’t have that picture on this laptop, and in my great foresight I already transferred them off of the camera card onto a different hard drive. So just imagine me in my bright orange jacket in 8 inches of snow.

1 Response to “Ok, fine. I’m posting pictures.”

  1. 1 Donna March 19, 2011 at 8:50 am

    Love the cactus flowers! I’ve never seen anything remotely deserty and would like to someday.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures :)

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