I promise I’ll put up pictures of our honeymoon (that sounds really weird), but for now and update on school stuff. Because that is what I do.

Dissertation = 179 pages and off getting its last proofread. It needs to go out to committee members on Thursday (that would be the day after tomorrow), so I may be pulling my first all-nighter of my educational career tomorrow night if I get a lot of changes. I would find that ironic. I got this far without ever staying up all night. Last night was the first time since we got back (excepting Sunday church and two half-hour Discovery show Hulued) when I wasn’t writing, eating, or sleeping.

Today has been busy trying to get a defense date scheduled. Coordinating 4 professorial schedules is NOT easy, but I think we are set for 2:00 on the 24th. Yikes.

I need to decide before Thursday whether or not I’m walking in graduation.
It costs $200 just to RENT the silly robes.
Case, in it’s infinite wisdom, holds graduation on Sunday morning. Clearly no Christians go to our school!

I think my parents and Ken’s dad are tentatively planning on coming out.
I think my advisor wants me to.
It’s a once-in a lifetime opportunity.

Thoughts? Convince me one way or the other.


1 Response to “School”

  1. 1 kim March 16, 2011 at 10:26 am

    I originally did not want to do my law school graduation. It just seemed like too much. But I did it for my parents. And they appreciated it. I won’t do it for my MA, but I’ll probably do it for my Ph.D.

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