Quick summary

1. The warm snap has ended. An inch + of ice fell last night, and another couple inches of snow today. Snow I like, but ice not so much. I chickened out and walked to and from school instead of riding.

2. Dissertation length at noon today = 76 pages. Dissertation length now = 111 pages.
Unfortunately I think I’ve now finished most of the easy stuff – putting in pictures, already published paper sections, etc. Now I have the hard stuff that’s actually writing as opposed to organizing. I told my advisor I’d get him a copy of my background, experimental methods, and results before I leave on Thursday, so that’s the goal.

3. I’ve had a deadly cold since Friday. I haven’t been this sick in a while, but I’m hoping I’m on the mend. I haven’t blown my nose or coughed something disgusting out of my lungs in nearly 15 minutes, so that’s pretty impressive.

4. It’s bedtime. Goodnight.

1 Response to “Quick summary”

  1. 1 Kim February 22, 2011 at 11:24 am

    We were supposed to get the ice and snow and instead ended up with a TON of snow…more than during the so-called blizzard.

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