Winter camping

This was written at lunch time on Monday, but I realized I wanted to put a few pictures in from the weekend and decided to wait to post it until I got home. And now it’s Sunday. Such is life.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone reading this has the opportunity to consume chocolate. I got Ken a pair of shoes. Nothing says romance like having dry feet for a change.

I talked to my advisor on Friday, and he’s disappointed that I couldn’t get the experiments to work, but sounds like he’s ready to let me finish them up and concentrate on writing. So, I have a week and a half to finish a poster, make and practice a presentation, and get as much dissertation written as humanly possible. Sunday Edit: At this point, as much dissertation as humanly possible = 2 pages. But I fixed some problems in what was already written, so it may not be longer, but it’s higher quality!

I took the weekend off of dissertating to go camping. Yes, it’s February in Ohio. I was not hugely excited about it, but Ken and our camping buddy Jason have been planning this for months so I was determined to try to enjoy myself. It turned out to be fun! It didn’t get too cold (Friday night low of 25, Saturday night low of 27) and thanks to Jason we had a ton of wood to burn to stay warm.
We ate a lot of good food.
We explored the frozen arctic on skis. Ok, I guess it’s just a frozen lake, but it was pretty neat.
We the guys built their signature giant fire.

It was a very relaxing trip and good to stop working for a few days.
The big news for today is that the temperature is currently 38 and I rode nearly the entire way to school on wet pavement! If this keeps up as forecast the snow that’s been on the ground since the first week of January will be gone! Edited to say: It was in the 50s (!!!) all week, and the snow is mostly gone except for a few big piles.

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