New camera

I made a big and hugely exciting purchase a few weeks ago and I keep forgetting about it because I don’t have the item in my possession.

See, I’m getting married a month from two days ago, and I’ve been informed it’s customary to get somebody to take pictures of you all dressed up in your wedding finery. Apparently this costs hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. And all you get out of it is some pictures. Well, thought I, that seems ridiculous. If I’m going to spend hundreds of dollars, I want to get something more than a photograph out of it.

I’ve pined after a DSLR for years now, but never could justify buying one because they’re hugely expensive and I don’t actually have time for ANOTHER hobby. However, if that photographer money went towards a camera and I conned one of my many sisters into taking pictures, I would not only have an excellent excuse to get a DSLR, but I would get some bonus wedding pictures out of it!

Brilliant idea, if I do say so myself. (Although I am in direct disobedience to what my pastor advised me here. How do you tell someone that you’re supposed to respect that you are doing the exact opposite of the only thing he advised you about your wedding plans (Spend money on a good photographer) without being a total butthead? Hey, at least it’s not a spiritual matter… this time!)

So anyway, I bought a Canon Rebel XSi and had it shipped to my sister Bethany, who is using the month and a half she has it to learn how to use it and take pictures which make me and Ken look good.

She has her work cut out for her.


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