I’m still alive


It’s been a while. Much has changed. Let me start small and work up to the large things that have happened in the past month and a half or so.

Skiing at lookout pass

I went skiing on five separate days at four ski resorts while I was home. It was a delight to the soul. Then I left my ski equipment at home, which hurt, but I figured I’d spent enough money on skiing, and I’m always disappointed when I try to go skiing out here anyway.


This is not my car, but it’s pretty much identical.

I bought a car. Yes, that’s small, so perhaps that gives you some hint of what’s to come. Ken’s mom sold me her 1997 Honda Civic for the price of the tires on it. Can’t say no to an offer like that! It’s perfect because it means I won’t be able to buy my coveted Subaru as soon as I graduate, which keeps my money free for a down payment on a house. It’s currently hanging out in my parents sagebrush awaiting my return to the western half of the country. I neglected to take a picture of it, but it looks pretty much like every other 14 year old white Honda Civic with a few dings. The crazy thing is that it has 203k miles on it and still has the original clutch despite Ken and his two siblings learning to drive in it. It needs a name, but it might be hard to name it until I drive it for a while.

I did some experiments while I was at home.

I was thinking I’d be graduating in August. However, I’ve recently learned that my advisor is expecting me to graduate in May! So, that means my experiments must be finished, dissertation must be written, oral defense completed, and any recommended changes completed and submitted online by April 1st. That is effectively 7 weeks away. Gulp. This also means that the job search must begin… now.

Wait, you say, isn’t it more like 9 weeks? Yes, but now we come to the most significant thing that happened during my blogging absence. Ken and I are getting married on February 26. Yes, of this year. He gave me a beautiful ring from his grandma (and great grandma!) and my parents talked us out of just going to a courthouse and getting hitched, so we decided to tack the wedding on to our trip to a technical conference in San Diego. So, we’re going home the evening of the 24th, getting married and heading to San Diego the 26th, and the conference is from the 28th-March 3rd. We’re then going to take a few days to hang out at the beach and in the desert before we head back to Cleveland. Perhaps I’ll write more later about how we got engaged on Jan 1st then spent the next two days we had at home running all over the place planning most of a wedding.


We are not photogenic. This was the only one of about 40 pictures that looked halfway decent.

Anyway, exciting and extremely busy times, so I cannot promise any regular updates until after April 1st. However, I have found that being forced to write a lot (see: having to write a dissertation in the next month) makes me want to blog, so who knows.


1 Response to “I’m still alive”

  1. 1 Kim January 26, 2011 at 10:58 am

    I’ve been wondering how things were going…Awesome updates!

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