I must post before I leave

I took my last final (It was brutal) and wrote my last two term papers. Yay. Then last night I had a dream that my advisor thought my review paper was terrible, was very angry, and gave me a D on it. I looked it up today and he gave me an A. Whew.

The cats still have them. I was really hoping we could get rid of them before we left for two and a half weeks and aren’t around to treat them. Guess we’ll have to start ALL over again trying to get rid of them when we get back.

I’ve been doing pretty well running. Not stellar, but I’ve put in 44 miles since the turkey trot. The furthest I’ve run is 6 miles, but I shouldn’t have any problem making it the full 10K. The only question is whether I’ll be able to get it under a 9:59 pace on Saturday. I guess we’ll find out!

I spent 3+ hours last night stripping wallpaper from a friend’s house. There were like five or six layers with a layer of paint on top. Note to self: Inspect houses for wallpaper before buying. Actually, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting from hearing people complain about it. We did basically three walls of a smallish bedroom, so with two of us working on it that comes to two man-hours per wall, which isn’t so bad. My right arm, hand, and wrist are a little sore today though!

Old people
On Wednesday night my friend (the one with the wallpapered house) called me up and asked if I would go to the VA hospital to sing some carols for an elderly gentleman from our church who is in Hospice. So four of us did, and the nurses asked us to sing a couple of songs for the guy in the next room over because he loved music. The man we went to sing for was far enough gone that I don’t know if he heard at all, but the man in the room next door definitely seemed to enjoy it, even though he couldn’t talk. It reminded me how easy it is to make people in hospitals or nursing homes happy. It’s a small sacrifice for me, and they seem to enjoy it so much.

I’m going home tomorrow
I can’t wait. Although I’m going to have to because I still have several loads of laundry to do, a back porch to clean off, various electronic devices to charge, a ton of stuff including running and skiing equipment to pack, vast quantities of dairy products to consume, and a roommate to instruct on the care and feeding of cats and plants. Oh, and Ken’s friend is coming over. And Ken needs to finish his thesis by tomorrow so I can’t imagine he’ll be doing a lot of helping. Staying up late will give me a jump start on Pacific time, right? Family, I’ll see you tomorrow and if I seem a little bit sleepy you’ll know why.


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