Poor me, I have a cold and a paper to write.

I’m at home right now because A. I don’t think anybody at work wants this cold that one of them so kindly shared with me, and B. I MUST write this term paper which is due tomorrow and I can write it just as easily (Writing “easy”? Ha!) from my comfy Ikea chair as I can from my desk at work. Yay for VPN access to the library journals!

I have had several thoughts during this whole writing process, and as it is now 2:00 and I think I’ve earned a break, I shall share them with you.

First, this is the first true cold I’ve had for about a year. Go super immune system!!

Second, ceramists have WAY too many names for things. Each ceramic crystal structure has a mineral name, a ceramic name, two crystal structure names, and the chemical formula can be written in at least two different ways. Oh yeah, and sometimes they’re called by their trade names. Is there any wonder I’m hopelessly confused? Also, the names are usually things like wollastonite and fluorophlogopite. Who comes up with those?!

Third, I don’t think I will ever enjoy writing.

Fourth, then why do I write on this blog? Because it’s good for me! Also, it saves on phone minutes to my parents… Hi, Mom and Dad!

Fifth, the amount of zeal with which Cosmo licks his nether-regions is sort of morbidly inspiring. I’m sitting a good 25 feet away from him and I can hear it. Gross.

Right. Long enough break. Time to go back to writing so that I can spend all day tomorrow (when I will be fully and totally recovered from this cold. Are you listening, body?) running around finishing presentations and getting travel stuff finalized for my trip to Houston.


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