West Virginia pt 2

The rafting itself left a little to be desired. We were told the rapids ranged from class II to class V. I’ve never done anything bigger than a class IV, so I was pretty pumped/terrified of a class V. Well… Apparently the DNR’s definition of class V is different in West Virginia than in Colorado, because I’m pretty sure that nothing even approached the level of difficulty of the class IV’s on Clear Creek. The water level was fairly low, and our guide expressed her own doubts about the ratings of the rapids. It was still fun, but it would have been better advertised as class III-IV and below I would think.

Despite me thinking the rapids were kinda pansy, I did almost fall out of the raft a few times, and on one of those managed to jam my finger into something. As a result, my right index finger swelled up to twice it’s normal size, and is currently a lovely shade of purple. I think my favorite part of the trip was the big boulder we stopped at to jump into the river. The actual act of jumping from 20 feet up didn’t scare me, but once I was in the air it was terrifying. Weird.

I don’t have any pictures from rafting because I’m cheap and also because when Ken jumped off the rock he foolishly went down deep and caused his inner ear to explode, or whatever happens, so I stayed and debated taking him to the hospital instead of going to the bar for free drinks and to watch our videos and order pictures. Thankfully, the Ibuprofin finally kicked in after an hour and he was able to go to get our dinner. Ken’s steak was gigantic and delicious, and I should know better than to order salmon in a landlocked place such as West Virginia. Oh well, it wasn’t horrible, it just was not very good.

On Sunday we filled the cooler up with ice at the local Walmart and I scored a ironing board for $2 (No more ironing on a towel on the floor. Yeah!) then we went on a hike along the top of the gorge. In the 70s they built the tallest single span bridge in the world over the gorge. It is a thing of beauty, and it remained the tallest/biggest/whatever until just a few years ago. My picture doesn’t really do it justice, you should google New River gorge to see nicer pictures and pictures of people base jumping off of it.


We had to hurry out at noon in order to get back to Parma so I could play piano at evening church, so we sweltered our way all the way up to Akron where my phone finally had T-mobile reception, only to find that the evening service was canceled for something they knew about last week. I’m usually not one to be angry, but this totally pissed me off. The thought that I had rushed out of a beautiful place about four hours earlier than I would have otherwise to drive during the hottest part of the day just to play piano for the six people who show up at evening service only to have it can canceled for something that should have been announced at church last week was unbelievably irritating. However, we made lemonade out of the situation and went to sink some heat into Lake Erie instead of going straight home to the hot house.

Anyway, all in all it was a great weekend and I would love to go back to West Virginia and see if I can get my paws on a kayak, bring the mountain bikes, and make an awesome week of it. Alas, this will probably not happen because I simply don’t have time and I will hopefully be leaving this part of the country in about a year, but if I do get the opportunity I’m jumping on it.


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