So I went home and it was eventful part 3

And now we get to part 3: The Wedding.

How’s this for an artistic picture? Sara did her hair and Lauren made the flower thingy, I thought it was pretty cool.

Sorry this is blurry, but they were twirling and I thought it was cute anyhow. This trip has made me consider again the merits of an incredibly expensive camera because I have SO many pictures that are focused poorly.

She made it into her dress!

Do they look like twins to you? Cuz they’re not. There’s like four and a half years between them or something like that.

It’s a good thing Mom found time to clip her fingernails before the wedding. Wouldn’t have wanted them in the pictures or anything. But on the other hand (heh. Like fingernails…), none of us went out and got manicures, so I guess perhaps it’s not so ridiculous after all.

Getting pictures taken.

That photographer guy looks familiar… It’s Dan, who probably last appeared on this blog about a year ago while Lauren and I were visiting him in Denmark!

This would have been a perfect profile shot of Sara, had Bethany not been in the background.

Can you just see the hope in her eyes? I think she’s hoping that she’ll someday actually get to drive a car all by herself because she has a brand new driver’s license but with all this wedding and graduation nonsense hasn’t actually gotten to put it to good use yet.

These guys were hoping to get an engagement shot. I think this is probably it. What do you think?

And because they didn’t actually allow bridesmaids to carry a camera, it’s now the reception. Look at those cakes!

Cutting the cake. Isn’t Justin supposed to help?

My parents dancing. This may be the very first time. My dad doesn’t dance. However, he does still fit into his wedding suit! We’ll probably bury him in it. What a good looking couple!

Ronnie and Bethany dancing, as requested.

And that was the end of that wedding! It started raining just as the cake was being cut, so people cleared out pretty quickly. Luckily for us many of them helped us tear down the tables and stuff.

Perhaps another time I’ll actually write about how they made me put makeup on and didn’t believe that I didn’t know what mascara is or how to put it on (apparently it’s highly useful for those of us with transparent eyelashes) and how we sang a silly song at the reception and how I got to see my friends from home for not long enough because I had to give out thank-you cards and tend to a grouchy boyfriend, and how we filled Ken’s parent’s Toyota with leftover catered food and ate nothing but roasted potatoes, broccoli, Caesar salad, beef, and pork for the next month. However, it seems highly unlikely.

The next and final segment will be Sunday and Monday: mostly pictures in a rose garden and possible a canoe trip, although I think I didn’t bring my camera for fear it would end up at the bottom of the river.


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