So I went home, and it was eventful part 1

In an effort to catch up on recording The History of Lisa before this summer takes off into a never-ending stream of adventures, I shall give you a mostly pictorial version of my trip home for what will probably go down in history as the Week of Epic Deibler Family Events 2010.

This is part 1, entitled Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday before 2:00PM. Clever title, huh?

This was on the flight to Minneapolis, when we didn’t know if we’d make the only flight of the day home. By the way, that is the best route ever. Never have I been able to take such direct flights before.

Very cool sunset. There was also a prolific thunderstorm beneath us, but capturing pictures of it proved impossible.

Look, I’m home, looking out the living room window! Sara and Lauren ready flowers for wedding centerpieces.

Grandpa was there, reading. We must be related.

Who is this stranger on the left? She flew in all the way from Germany for the wedding! She even had to get special permission from her principle! All so we could put her to work picking cherries for the wedding reception.

Queen Anne Cherries. Delicious.

And then some cousins who drove all the way from South Carolina showed up in time for the double graduation celebration! It was the first time most of them had been to visit our house. Robert looks as excited as I was about this cake.

Lauren hangs out with cousin Esther at the graduation party.

Here’s our newly college graduated (and engaged) honoree, Bethany, with her fiance. Ugh, how weird is that? Let’s call him her Ronnie.

The men discuss things that are likely not graduation related.

Aunt Cora Jean catches up with Mrs. Scharold.

Oh look, this hoon came home too. Does he ever shave?

Mr. Davis and Mom talk over a strange floating Lauren head. If I were clever, I would do one of those roll over to change thingies, because I have a picture sans floating head as well, but I’m not that dedicated to my readers. You can imagine it.

Sara’s friends are a colorful bunch.

The boys had either invented seated bocce or they were throwing the bocce balls at small children. I never did figure out which it was.

The high school graduate herself.

OK, we’re up to the Friday before 2:00PM part of this post. This is our tamest ever bachelorette breakfast party where we kicked the rest of the family (all males, all females older than 25) out of the house and made the two opposite ends of the breakfast spectrum: corned beef hash and crepes. Gosh Bekah, if only you were opening your eyes!

I managed to sneak away from the wedding preparations to grab lunch at our favorite sandwich place and eat in the park. Just looking at this picture makes me homesick. Cleveland, that is how a sky should look.

Whew, that’s it. Next up: the rest of Friday, also known as wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and graduation.


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