I may not melt into a puddle this summer!

Biggest news of the summer: Ken is actually working on converting the A/C in his car to R134a!

I have been nagging politely asking for this update to the beloved Beemer for years. Last summer he went so far as to order a kit of seals that will not disintegrate with the new refrigerant and I was very excited, but then his enthusiasm petered out and he moved on to other projects. On the three and a half hour drive home from backpacking on Monday through the 94 degree water they call an atmosphere around here, I mentioned that it sure would be nice to have some A/C for the five plus hour drive to go rafting in two weeks. I may have mentioned it a few times times. With an increasingly whiny tone as my core temperature soared and I became more and more irritable.

And guess what? On Tuesday evening we ventured out of our respective semi-air conditioned bedrooms (only placees in the house that are cooled at all), enduring the viscous mosquitoes and pulled the A/C guts out of the car, acquiring an impressive layer of sweat and grease/oil/road filth accumulated over the past 25 years in the process. I cleaned the bathroom the night before, and let’s just say that the tub is no longer clean.

So far Ken’s found one hole in the old system (somebody nicked the condenser with a cutoff wheel?), which he plans to braze or weld today, depending on whether there’s copper or aluminum under the thick layer of crud. If we’re lucky, that’s the only hole in the system, the new parts he’s installing fit beautifully, and it’s not too difficult to get at the part of the system that actually goes into the car to change out the seals.

This change will usher in a new age of glorious cool air. My irrational anger at all the smug people driving around with their windows rolled up will disappear. The drive to West Virginia will be delightful. Peace and happiness will reign in the earth. I’ll probably start sleeping in the car. Be prepared for an extremely depressed post around the middle of next week if this doesn’t come to fruition.


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