I have an earth-shattering announcement

Now listen up!

[Sorry, Ken has been watching Mail Call in his usual obsessive manner of watching every single episode of a show in rapid succession, and now R. Lee Ermey hollers at me in my dreams. (Incidentally, I thought it was Arly Ermey because Ken doesn’t enunciate properly when he says the name. I thought that was a stupid pansy name for a drill sergeant.)]

This is highly embarrassing, but I feel it’s best that I just make a grand announcement and take whatever flak comes at me like a man. Hooah! (There’s Sgt. Ermey again.)

I seem to have gotten over my dislike of peanut butter.

I’ve only tried Jif at this point, which I feel may not be counted as actual peanut butter by some (or the one and only peanut butter by others), but it is absolutely delicious with some of my strawberry freezer jam on bread.

My world is, obviously, turned upside-down. What next? Will it turn out that I like hot dogs, oatmeal, cooked swiss chard, and eggplant? Will orange suddenly be my favorite color? Will I detest swimming and adore talking to people that I don’t know? Will I finally be able to run a 5k in under 26 minutes?

I feel like my identity is compromised. This feeling is compounded by my growing conviction that I am a “maggot” and that I should send someone an email asking a stupid question about some military theme.

Send help. (And peanut butter.)

Lisa out!


1 Response to “I have an earth-shattering announcement”

  1. 1 Kim June 8, 2010 at 8:58 am

    It’s good to know we can change, but it does create a sense of self-consciousness when we decide to like something we previously hated.

    For the record, I love JIF.

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