May distance stats

In May:
I swam 15300 yds (That’s 8.69 miles, folks)
I rode my bike for 317.6 miles
I ran for 33.6 miles

That is officially the most I have ever biked in a month by nearly a factor of 2. Also, somehow magically more than the planned 275 miles. Go me!

June may not be so successful in terms of meeting goals, as the schedule calls for an even 400 miles on my bicycle. Achieving that distance seems unlikely, especially since I’ll be at home for a week where I will likely not be riding at all.

Perhaps my speed will finally increase and I’ll be riding at 22 mph, so those daunting 40 mile bike rides that I’ve never actually completed will only take 2 hours. Seems unlikely. I struggle to keep my average speed above 12 mph.

Ah well, it matters not. What does matter is that if I can keep this momentum up I am going to be super prepared for my races in August. If my cycling gets somewhat faster and my running gets significantly faster, maybe I can even think about placing overall in the sprint. That’s a wild dream, but perhaps not totally unachievable.


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