A treatise on why I am exceptionally clean these days

Oh, summer in Cleveland, the time of year when I take 3 showers a day. I’m not normally an exceptionally clean person. In the winter I go more days than is probably socially acceptable without showering. If I’m wearing a bandana or have put my hair into french braids it’s a sure sign I’m on day 3. I always get compliments on my hair on those days, which just goes to show that if you want to be beautiful you should shower less. Or perhaps that I should regularly put more effort into styling my hair than the 30 seconds it takes me to brush and pony-tail it.

So we’ve established I’m not a clean freak. However, I can’t see any way to get around 3 showers some days. On three days a week I get out of bed and go for a run. This makes me sweaty and disgusting, so I shower before I go to work to avoid offending people with my stench. Later in the day, I go for a swim. I have to shower after that otherwise my hair will turn green and/or fall out. I then ride my bike home sometime between 5 and 7. Even though it actually hasn’t been that hot (low 80s), when the humidity has been hovering between 85 and 95%, that short two mile ride produces copious quantities of sweat. The sweat continues at home because I’m too stingy to install the electricity sucking air conditioners until it either gets really hot or stops cooling off at night. By time I’m ready to go to bed, there’s no way I will be able to get any sleep unless I shower the stickiness away again. I feel like I spend my whole life in the shower, but I don’t really see any other options! (Ken suggested not running and/or swimming, and I told him that was a dumb idea.)

In conclusion, if Lake Erie runs dry this summer you can probably blame me.


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