Time to build some character

Because we are gluttons for punishment and a good time, and enjoy a good “character building” exercise every once in a while, Ken and I are embarking on a wild adventure this weekend. We’re going to bike 34 miles through the hilliest part of this section of Ohio with our bikes loaded with camping gear to a primitive campground, and turn around two days later and come back.

I’m a bit concerned we’re biting off more than we can chew, but I’m not one to let that stop me. I’ve never ridden more than 25 miles in one day on an un-loaded bike, and Ken’s never gone more than 20. Also, did I mention hills? They’re really not so much hills as valleys, and the total net elevation gain is only about 350 ft, but we’ll be climbing about 1200 ft. when you add up all the hills. We are Ohio-made cyclists. We don’t do hills. Ken complains about the ride from home to school and it’s only about 180 ft. My uncle used to ride home from work in Colorado, and I think his ride was well over 2000 ft of climbing over only 15 miles, and that was starting at 6000 ft where there’s much less oxygen.

We have all day to go the whole distance, and the climbs out of the valleys are short so we can always push the bikes up if it comes to that. That would be pretty much the most embarrassing thing ever though. We will try to avoid it at all cost.

Apart from the cycling part, this trip is going to be a breeze. We’re basically backpacking, except that because there is no wilderness in this (or I suspect any) part of Ohio, we’re only camping about 5 miles from a town that’s big enough to contain a Walmart, so therefore grocery stores, etc. So… Steak while backpacking? I think so.


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