Catching up

  • Last week was the graduate student poster competition at my school. I got a third prize of $100, which was pretty muchly completely thrilling and unexpected.
  • Friday was Relay for Life. It was chilly and highly windy, which is super unusual for Cleveland. My team was selling hot food freshly cooked on my new camp stove and it was very popular. We completely sold out! I had the walking slot from 5 to 7 AM, which is the one that I choose because nobody else wants it and I like watching the sun come up. The weather made the event certainly less fun than last year, but still enjoyable, and I think our team raised rather significantly more money this year than we did last year.
  • The approximately 3.5 hours of restless sleep that I got in the tent which was trying to fly away on Friday night made for a unproductive Saturday. I seriously just layed around, watched TV, and struggled to keep my eyes open all day. I guess a girl needs a rest after orchestrating a reluctant team of Relay-ers.
  • Today is day 3 of my official 18 week triathlon training and I’m proud to say that I have not yet missed a workout. I am not proud to say that my body is already sore after only 1 set of swim, bike, run, strength… I think it’s the 11 mile, slightly uphill all the way out, bike ride that killed me. And I get to do it again today!
  • Yesterday I bought plane tickets to go home for my sister’s wedding. And my other sister’s graduation from college. And my other sister’s graduation from high school. I’m not sure why they were so expensive, but those sisters better be properly thankful that I’m there once I get there. I could have gotten a sweet road bike (compared with what I have, anyway) with all that money.
  • Speaking of bikes, I got a rack and panniers, so now my commuter bike can be all set up for touring. I’m thinking that if Memorial day weekend has good weather it’ll be the time to try an overnight bicycle trip for the first time. I’m not really sure where I should go. I could make a nice loop around Cleveland, but the problem with that is that there’s nowhere to camp and I certainly don’t want to pay for a hotel. Perhaps I shall look into venturing further afield.

1 Response to “Catching up”

  1. 1 Kim April 21, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    Congrats on winning 3rd place! That’s fan-freaking-tastic!

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