I may be many things, but photogenic is not one of them.

My sister’s getting married, and apparently the snazzy thing for these young whippersnappers to do is make a wedding website. I’m not sure what purpose this serves, but who am I to judge? For some reason she needs a picture of me and emailed me to request one.

“Easy peasy!” thought I, and went back through my picture folders from the past year that I haven’t yet backed up onto CDs and deleted off of my teensy tiny little hard drive. The following are what I discovered. I have provided her with the link to this post so that she can pick whichever one she wants at her leisure…

Semi-awesome and flying through the air at least a few inches off the ground, but there’s no face. So is it really me?

I’m pretty sure this is the one she’ll choose. Have you ever seen anything as pale as that skin?

The concentrating, filthy look…


Capable turkey-wrestler.

I don’t even know.

Awesome yet again, but again, the face is missing.

The monkey look.

This is what I look like in Chicago. Probably shouldn’t go back there soon. Or ever?

Um… Pretend you never saw this one.


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