I’m so boring that I write about the weather.

It can only get better from here.

From a Yahoo article entitled: America’s Top 5 Worst Weather Cities:

1. Cleveland
Average Annual Temperature: 49.6°F
Average Precipitation: 38.7 inches
Average Snowfall: 58.9 inches

Strangely enough, the weather is one thing about Cleveland that I actually rather enjoy for the most part. The week of humidity in the summer I could do without, but the rest is fine. It’s nearly everything else about Cleveland that I dislike with a fiery passion.

I believe the issue is with the definition of “bad weather”. Snow is not bad weather. Snow is GREAT weather. Rain is DEFINITELY bad weather. Humidity is TERRIBLE INSUFFERABLE weather. Temperatures over 105 F are bad weather. Temperatures under 10 F are bad weather. Hurricanes are really bad weather. Based on my definitions of bad weather, I’m pretty sure that Florida has the worst weather in America. All they’re missing is the low temperature end of the spectrum.

I’m going to Seattle soon and on a whim checked out the weather there after noting the 100% chance of snow and high of 23 here – the same temperature it’s been for… weeks. Today Seattle’s having 80% chance of rain and high of 47. 47! I won’t have any idea how to go outside without my snow gear. Should I even pack it? How will I keep from freezing on the way to the airport without it? It’s like going to the tropics.


1 Response to “I’m so boring that I write about the weather.”

  1. 1 Kimwithak February 11, 2010 at 11:59 am

    You’ll be able to wear shorts in Seattle! That’s how warm it’ll seem.

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