Name revisited

Thank you to Kim and Lauren who actually responded to my question about church name. You guys rock! And can follow instructions… I feel like I should give you a sticker or something. Did kids in school get cooler prizes than stickers? Was I deprived and lame by my overwhelming joy at getting a sticker? The fact that stickers were a big deal in my house is evidenced by the one time that one of my jealous sisters sneaked into my room and tore up all my carefully hoarded stickers. Ugh. Who was that? It still makes me a little mad.

To clarify a few points on the church name, the named used to be Westminster and we changed it to Pleasant Valley. Lauren – I would tend to agree with you, but the name becomes less floofy (and may I say, great word choice there) when you realize the church is on Pleasant Valley Rd. Kim – that’s why I voted for Pleasant Valley over Cuyahoga or Parma or Cleveland. NONE of those place names sounded like places I actually want to be. The argument for changing the name is that when non-Reformed people hear the name Westminster, their first thought is of Westminster Abby and high church sort of things, which really isn’t what we’re all about.

God will use whatever name we have for his purposes and I’m excited to see what those might turn out to be.


1 Response to “Name revisited”

  1. 1 Kim February 8, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    I did think of Westminster Abbey when I read that one. So you were right in thinking that people would immediately think of that.

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