Infrangible again

Today is a special day. As I write this, I realize that I never wrote a birthday post for my sister Sara. Sorry Sara. I was actually with her on her birthday though, so I guess that my presence is infinitely better than any insignificant words I could write. Am I obsessed with myself? Oh yes. And I don’t think she reads this either. The punk.

Anyway, what is so special about today? It’s Infrangible’s birthday! She left a comment on the last post about her indicating that the picture that I posted of her almost made her cry for lack of makeup. I dunno, I thought she looked lovely – but if she didn’t like it, all the better!

The best news is that she’s been looking at plane tickets. To visit me!! This is exciting beyond belief. Imagine the things we could do!

This news fills me with such happiness that I can’t even think of any fresh new way to make her cry. (Also, my bladder is full to overflowing and I’m too lazy to get up and go, which makes it difficult to concentrate. You’re welcome for that information.) So, Infrangible, your birthday present is that I’m not going to even try to make you cry!

Perhaps she’ll be so touched by that that it’ll move her to tears?


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