I have pondered what is the best way to return from a multi-week absence. How does one adequately describe the events of three weeks?

My parents post Cable Bridge Run. I ran a 55:44 for my first 10K. That's an 8:59 pace, and fine with me!

More post-cable bridge runners

We had a traditional German star-making party/Sara's birthday party.

Absorbed star makers

The annual cross country ski trip on Christmas Eve

Hobbes assists me in opening my Christmas presents.

An infrangible friend and her sister came over for a sleepover and I turned 25. Yes, we are mature. And yes, I stole this picture.

Last, but certainly not least, we went downhill skiing 3 whole times!

Things to note about these pictures:

  • They all contain at least one family member (yes, Hobbes counts). It was good to see my family.
  • Each girl now has a boy hanger-on. This is exceedingly weird and the only cause of angst throughout the whole trip.
  • There is more to come about my success in causing tears to fall down the cheeks of my infrangible friend. Clearly she’s not crying in that picture.
  • I was exceedingly busy the entire time. Since I got back to Cleveland, it has been snowing 4 inches every day, and I am STILL exceedingly busy.

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