Done with my “final”

Thoughts from while I’ve been gone

Words which are annoying and also not actually words:
Phenom -It’s phenomenon, people. Come on. It’s four extra letters.
Ur – When I read this in a sentence such as “Enjoy Ur weekend!” I think that we’re about to have a weekend in which we are celebrating ancient Mesopotamian culture. It confuses me.

My 4.0 is officially gone. It was nice while it lasted. If I could have a 4.0 for 4 years of graduate school, that’s an indication that the classes are too easy (and they are!). However, to all the people who had old exams to memorize and to the prof who’s too lazy to make new questions: Thanks for ruining any chance I had at an A and any fairness in that class. That’s the only reason I can think of that a large group of people would finish the test in 15 minutes and average ten points higher than me.

My church voted (unanimously, surprisingly enough!) to pursue purchase of a building. This means that we MUST GROW or will run out of money in 14 months. I think this is a good thing. Stagnation is not the way to go.

I have some sencha green tea inherited from Ken’s former roommate. It tastes like grass and I hate it, but I keep drinking it because I can’t bear the thought of throwing it out.

It snowed for the first time today! There was definitely a dusting starting to stick to the back roads when I went to get groceries.


10:21 AM
AAAAAAACCCCKKKKKK! (That’s the sound of nervous energy before an oral exam.)

3:05 PM
Aaaaaaahh (Huge sigh of relief.) I passed and even I thought that I did well. Now the real work starts.

I think its time to consider wiping my hard drive and re-installing Windows. I’m uncertain how this will work for re-installing all my programs, particularly the ones that the school only allows us to download once.


2 Responses to “Done with my “final””

  1. 1 Kimwithak December 9, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    Congrats on being done with your final(s). It must be a great feeling.

  1. 1 Defense tomorrow! « In pursuit of cold work Trackback on March 23, 2011 at 10:01 pm

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