In which I again prove that I am clever


Remember me? I used to regularly write inane things on this website and often read and comment on other blogs. Sadly for all four of my readers (hi guys!), regular updates will not be occurring again at least until the middle of next week. I had an exam today for which I was busy studying, have a big holiday party tomorrow that I’m helping organize/decorate for/set up, have a bunch of other work-related stuff to get done with due dates on the 11th and 15th, my scheduled runs are currently taking nearly an hour every other day, I’m trying to get together gifts and cards for everybody I know, and I’ve scheduled my big thesis proposal oral presentation/exam for Dec 8th.

So. I’m busy.

However, I couldn’t let this week pass me by without addressing one important issue. My infrangible friend has very un-subtly informed me that calling her names did not make her cry.

I just want to inform her that it’s not over until the fat lady cries.

See how I did that? I just called her fat, poorly used a modified cliche, and got an important message across that I will not quit until my mission is fulfilled, all in one simple sentence.

I’m clever.

Crying yet, Ms. Infrangible?


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