Will she ever just shut up already about the bikes?

I have to apologize for never writing about anything but bikes and riding bikes and jumping bikes and fixing bikes, but sometimes riding my bike is the only fun thing I get to do all day!

Ok, that was a total lie. Re-writing papers endlessly, going to my incredibly boring class, trying to make Parmesan chicken for dinner and failing in a spectacular way, practicing piano for the joint Thanksgiving-eve service where people I don’t know will hear me play and there’s this one chord progression I just CANNOT get in the prelude I’m planning on playing, picking up the inevitable cat poop under the sink in the basement, running 4.52 miles before the sun rises, and watching The Simpsons are all fun. Riding my bike to school is just MORE fun. When it’s not raining.

All that to say, I bought a bike yesterday! I spent a little bit more than my budget but it’s ok because it was an $800 bike back in 1998. And besides, the extra cost was shipping so it obviously doesn’t count. It’s a Kona Cinder Cone, which means it’s a steel hardtail with an older entry level front fork. It’s not blue but it’s my second favorite color, purple! It doesn’t have disc brakes, but that was a stretch. And it’s a KONA. I never thought I’d actually get one! The guy shipped it today and it’s only coming from Cincinnati, so supposedly it’s going to be delivered tomorrow!

At the very least it needs a new inner tube, which I should have already, and may also need new shifters, which I also have! That’s the great thing about having seven bikes in the house: when one gets upgraded the spare parts can be recycled! My grand future plan for this bike will probably include a new suspension fork (the reviews for the one it comes with are pretty mediocre) and disc brakes, both of which will probably come off of Ken’s new bike (which came yesterday and is awesome!) when he upgrades. Someday I’ll have to do a photoshoot of the seven bikes in my basement. It’s pretty impressive.

And now I’m off to make Christmas presents while listening to NPR shows and keeping my cats from tearing each other to shreds. I’m not sure what their big feud is all about, but apparently it’s escalating.


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