My three bikes (early 90s blue Diamondback commuter, mid 90s red Raleigh road, ’99 yellow full suspension Mongoose Pro), which fulfill all my needs at this point, are marvelous and I love each and every one of them when they’re working.


Six months have passed since I got a new bike. In that time Ken has gotten TWO new bikes (A classic and beautiful 1974 French touring bike and a 2004 full suspension Raleigh – which is coming on Monday). I think he just needed to catch up to/surpass me. Clearly it’s my turn for a new toy.

I was feeling sad and left out because I couldn’t really justify getting a new/different bike when I have the three lovely ones already. But then… My roommate asked if he could buy my Diamondback commuter, because he’s been riding it to school and needs a commuter. So now I have a whopping $100 to spend on a new commuter bike!

Unfortunately, while only one of my bikes has cost more than $100, it is a bit tricky to find a quality bike for that price. Each of those took some searching to find. And winter cometh. This week has been lovely, but it’s only a matter of time before the earth will be covered with cold, salty slush.

I would appreciate if the following would show up on Craigslist tomorrow for $85, available for pickup on Sunday at 3:00 in Cleveland Heights.

Mountain bike frame – I could go for either steel or aluminum. Steel, because steel bikes are theoretically best, and aluminum because I’ll then have three matching aluminum bikes.
Hardtail, front suspension – Then we’ll have four mountain-esque bikes between the two of us, so we can invite people without bikes to come biking.
26″ wheels with some good tires – It’s just best for the uneven and icy streets around here.
Disc brakes – this is a HUGE stretch for anything under $100. A girl can dream.
Blue – it’s my favorite color and my bikes will then be primary colors.
Easy mounts for my fenders
A rack. Imagine the things I could strap to a rack! Maybe Cosmo would like to go for a bike ride…
A bottom bracket that won’t need replacement within 500 miles. I’m tired of replacing them.
Oh, and I’d love it if it could be a Kona. I’m not sure why – I’m just enamored with them right now.

That will be all. Thank you for your attention.


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