This confuses me.

A recent email (ok, so it was two weeks ago because I got really busy) from a friend combined with thoughts about a congregational meeting caused some new thoughts in my noggin.

I can’t just leave that saying just plain ol’ friend. My childhood-best-friend-who-I-can’t-really-call-my-best-friend-any-more-because-one-would-expect-best-friends-to-communicate-on-a-regular-basis-and-we-don’t is way too complicated, dear friend sounds like I’m 97 years old, special friend sounds like I’m either 2 years old or she’s retarded, long-time friend sounds like I’m giving an introduction at a department seminar, and I can’t think of any other ways to refer to her. Clearly I need help in the friend-titling area of my life. Also, the staying on track in blog posts area.

As I was saying, this email made me think. My (insert clever moniker here) friend lives in a place which is home to a certain somewhat controversial and polarizing pastor. Said pastor has built up two huge reformed churches in the town of roughly 22,000. The nearby town where I went to college has 0 reformed churches. In a suburb of Cleveland there is another somewhat controversial and polarizing pastor of a reformed church who has a truly giant church. And then there’s my reformed church and three others in the suburbs that are in similar circumstances. We’re having a good day if there’s over 25 people at a service. We meet in the basement of an old catholic church building. In Cleveland itself there are no reformed churches. I drive 35 minutes each way to get to church.

What gives? It seems to me that a greater number of more widely spaced smaller, self sustaining churches is the optimum way to go for fellowship and outreach. They can work together for special conferences or big projects if a large number of people is needed. So why are there these huge churches?


3 Responses to “This confuses me.”

  1. 1 Kimwithak November 6, 2009 at 10:46 am

    Those huge churches scare me. I can’t explain why, they just do.

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