I ought to be studying

In an attempt to pull myself from this Fall induced laziness, I have done some things. That was the sort of sentence that any teacher would put a big fat red line through and write something completely illegible in big scrawling, disappointed looking lettering in the margin.

I set up an IRA and put the money in a mutual fund. (After thinking I ought to do it for several years.) Scary. More about this coming later. I’ve got a post almost finished about it.

I mostly decided on my race schedule for the fall.
November 1: Inland trail 5k, half, and full marathon. Guess which I’m doing? I’m going to feel like such a pansy failure next to all the people going for 2.5 to 9 time as far as me.
Thanksgiving: 5 mile Turkey Trot. Maybe I can get some friends to do this with me.
December 19: Cable Bridge Run at HOME!!!!!! If this all goes as planned with no pesky injuries, I plan to do my first 10K race.

I played hooky for the afternoon yesterday and went out mountain biking with Ken and our friend Brian who is approximately a million times better than us. It was a perfect day and a much better use of the afternoon than studying for my test tomorrow. I rode nearly all the things which I skipped in the past. The only things let to conquer are the ridiculously steep hills with a sharp curve at the bottom, a few log piles, and the big rickety table thing.

I made arrangements to purchase a bike trainer from Craigslist at approximately 35% of it’s original cost. A whole paper could be dedicated to my conflicting feelings of elation and embarrassment at purchasing a trainer. Elation: I can ride MY road bike all winter in the comfort of my house while watching TV instead of the stupid exercise bikes at the gym which hurt my butt or trying to ride outside when the roads are covered in frigid salt water/ice, idiotic drivers, and darkness. Embarrassment: What sort of moron purchases a gadget just to ride their bike indoors? Doesn’t that defeat the whole enjoyable purpose of biking?


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